Fact sheets CP helmets 2021/2022

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Innovations 2021/2022

  • CP CORAO+ carbonThe CP CORAO+ carbon sports a special top shell made of carbon fiber, with a glossy finish or in matte (soft touch), which makes this helmet extremely light and shockproof. The extended impact protection offered by the ODSA (Omni-directional shock absorption) system - which was especially developed for this helmet - ensures the highest safety possible. The hybrid technology has another quality feature: the combination of a hard shell for maximum protection and an in-mold shell that provides high stability and low weight. The model shown here, CORAO+ carbon shiny with Comfort Lens dl pol vario red mirror visor, is the perfect combination for any sporty ski outfit. It's the ear pads and neck cover are made of genuine leather and it's available up to size 64.
  • CP CORAO+The CP CORAO + is offered in some new color variants. On the left side is the super fashionable version in misty soft touch / white shiny with VARIO lens. The special soft touch finish will literally seduce you!
  • CP CUMA cubicThe CP CUMA cubic combines functionality and style to perfection. The attractive Misty Cubic design - applied on the helmet's top shell through a complex process (water transfer printing technology) - is an absolute eye-catcher. In addition, the whole Cuma collection has the incredible Climate + ventilation system: a fully adjustable ventilation with a waterproof, breathable membrane called CP-TEX. This unique system ensures that the climate inside the helmet is always dry and comfortable. The variant with the dl Vario silver mirror visor gives the helmet an elegant and strikingly feminine look.
  • CP CARACHILLO cashmereThe remarkable CP CARACHILLO will present two variants with 100% cashmere inner lining for next winter, lending the ultimate wearing comfort of CP CUMA cashmere to this model too. The delicate cashmere fibers are processed by Loro Piana, the world-renown Italian company. This light but highly resistant hard shell helmet, available in so many matte colors, will suit just any style. And with the adjustable ventilation slots on the front you have maximum control over the air inflow.
  • CP CARACHILLO XSThe piece of jewelry for smaller heads and the little brother of the reliable CP CARACHILLO. It provides the ideal fit for the young and the young at heart with narrow, smaller heads. Available in sizes 48-51 and 52-55 and in a wide range of colors, it sports a slightly smaller visor, specially designed for children and adults with smaller head sizes. However, the visor can be easily mounted on any helmet in the CP range. The soft ear pads can also be removed, which gives greater freedom in warmer temperatures or simply if you need to wash them.
  • CP PINThese two branded pins made of black epoxy are inserted in the ear straps, making it super comfortable to wear your hygiene mask. Thanks to the pins, the mask can be quickly removed and just as easily be put back into the correct position, to provide you with the required protection.