The way to the ALL IN ONE ski helmet

In the 1980s, a young lawyer Claudius Pfister took the leap and started retailing in fashionable sports textiles. In 1989, he took another leap of faith into the world of sports goggles and helmets and founded the Swiss distribution company for the ALPINA brand. This market segment became hugely successful and on its back Claudius Pfister founded the new Swiss brand CP in 2000. With a wicked sense of humor, he used the English pronunciation of his initials for the new label. Right from the start, CP focused on hightech quality materials combined with top Italian fashion design.


Fashion at Sports

The product range was expanded in 2004. Although ski helmets had been invented, they were still only marginally successful on the pistes. Helmet wearers used to be sneered at somewhat on the pistes until a few years ago. Helmets were for children and racing drivers. The founder's strategic courage and fashion sense have proven to be highly successful elements in overcoming these unjustified prejudices. A lot of experience and the high standards demanded from each and every ski helmet led to the launch of the first CP helmet collection in 2004. Everyone embraced this task with a lot of enthusiasm, know-how, and creativity. The CP team stood out from the crowd as its members continuously monitored upcoming trends by skiing regularly in the key Swiss ski resorts such as St. Moritz, Flims Laax, Zermatt and Davos, thus recognizing new market requirements at an early stage. They then puzzled and experimented until they were able to satisfy the constantly growing demands placed on materials, technology, and design.

The CP team was expanded gradually by a small group of top winter athletes. Their ideas and suggested improvements were implemented directly in the production process and time and time again gave the development team that all-important head start.

Excellence in

CP's development in the past 14 years has consistently placed uncompromising demands on the best possible combination of hightech and aesthetics. CP products are excellent value for money. But CP helmets are no disposable products left behind in some ski hut when the sun is shining.


The materials of CP helmets have been continuously updated to be state of the art over the past years. For instance, CP decided to develop an upper helmet shell made from carbon. This is the toughest and at the same time lightest material on the market today that can be used for the production of CP helmets. Carbon is an essential material in the upper segments of the aerospace and automobile industries. CP has mastered the difficult application process for part of its collection and therefore claims the title of market leader in this segment. Carbon helmets provide a maximum of safety and comfort.

All in One

The launch of the "All in One" helmet is the highlight in CP's history. This visor helmet made by CP is the best that money can buy. The "All in One" helmet offers everything a skier could wish for. The fact that there is plenty of space for all types of corrective glasses under the closed visor is a highlight for all eyeglasses wearers. To keep its pole position, CP has taken the development of both helmets and visors to a new level. The latter are made exclusively from high quality, non-breakable, and optically pure polycarbonate. Their unequaled finishes round off these unique CP visors.

Swiss Brand Made in Italy

Swissness is another constant factor at CP. CP is a Swissbrand. All of the decisions are made in Switzerland and production takes place in Italy. Both sales and customer service are also located in Switzerland. This combination of Swiss virtues such as reliability, punctuality, and customer focus with Italian traits such as creativity, trendiness, and design are the real reason behind CP's success.

The Story goes on

CP is a well-positioned go-getter. Elegant. Consistently focused on excellence. CP will continue to make sports helmet history. However, successful products need more than just a manufacturer and distributer. They need YOU, CP's satisfied customers. We are always keen to hear your feedback and ideas. Together, we will make things happen.

Enjoy the slopes!