Used High End Materials

CP is always very attentive when it comes to select the most fashionable materials for its helmets.

Cubic Design

CP wanted to develop a gracefully elegant helmet, with a sublime and stylish decoration which could allow the wearer to stand out of the crowd and bring a unique style onto the streets. The choice fell upon the cubic printing technology.

The desired pattern is printed onto a water-soluble film, which is chemically treated to activate its inks and then fed out onto the surface of a thermally-controlled water tank, which makes the film malleable and gelatinous. The top shell is immersed into the softened film so that the liquid surface tension of the water impresses the ink onto its surface. The product then emerges from the tank beautifully decorated. Excess film is washed away from the shell and any remaining water particles are dried off. The final stage is to apply a topcoat to protect and provide durability to the product.

Cubic printing can decorate complex shapes, compound curves surfaces and rough surfaces like no other process. It can be virtually applied to any material and the design possibilities are endless. Furthermore, since the printed shell does not require any after-treatment, it does not contribute to water pollution problems and the clear coat applied at the end of the process – being automotive grade – is designed to withstand nature and time, hence extremely suitable for item that are used outdoor.

You can discover the elegant cubic pattern created by CP on our webpage at our models CP CARACHILLO bike.