The CP visors

The heart of every All-in-One helmet is the visor: CP offers a growing number of high-quality visors with different tints and coatings, while three different visor shapes are specially designed to fit the facial features of every person.

The centrepiece of this range surely is the polarized visor, as it reduces the extremely blinding reflections on snow and ice in an impressive way. The absolute highlight is the CP Comfort lenses. Their photochromatic and polarizing properties allow the visor to darken as brightness increases and on overcast days also to enhances contrast. The high-grade polycarbonate used to produce them ensures outstanding break- and scratch-resistance, while maintaining exceptional optical purity.

Another exceptional feature is that all visors are interchangeable and can be easily mounted throughout the entire range of CP helmets.


Protection levels

The comprehensive range of CP visors features lenses with very different qualities, but all are manufactured with the same polycarbonate, which grants a 100% UV-protection. As far as different light conditions are concerned, each situation requires a specific visor. The table below provides information about the protection category of all visors.

Visor Category Chart

On the chart you can check which visors we are offering.

Mirror lenses

In order to hinder the risk of eye damages in very bright light conditions, CP offers a variety of visors with mirror coatings. A (multi-)layer of reflecting film on the front of the visor increases the reflectivity of the surface, and thus reduces the need for a darker visor tone.

Antifog (fogstop) coating

The hydrophilic fogstop coating prevents fogging (misting) of the inner side of the visor. It reduces the surface tension of the water and allows it to spread to a thin, smooth film with unnoticeable optical distortion. This ensures optimal visibility, which in turn significantly increases safety when skiing/snowboarding.

Polarized lenses

Dazzling reflections, which prompt people to wear sunglasses, are caused by wet, horizontal surfaces like wet roads, water and snow. Polarizing filters are built so that the reflected incident light is filtered and restricted to one plane, and thus glares are greatly reduced. These lenses improve the contrast in the snow, making the contours more visible even in foggy or cloudy conditions. The polarized base is either pink or brown, with various mirror coating.

Photochromic lenses

Photochromatic lenses - also known as "light-adaptive" or "self-toning" lenses - have the great feature of automatically adjusting the tint and adapting to changing light conditions: the sunnier it gets, the darker the visor turns. With cloudy or overcast sky, the visor brightens up automatically. How it works: the photochromatic molecules embedded in the visor darken as a reaction to the ultraviolet radiation of the sun and return to their original state as soon as the UV radiation decreases.

Comfort lenses

The comprehensive range of high-quality visors from CP is topped by Comfort lenses. These polarized lenses sport a self-toning photochromic feature, along with 100% UV-protection and a highly functional mirror coating. With a Comfort lens, the eyes can enjoy a full, fatigue-free day of skiing, which allows better concentration on what is happening around on the slope. Like all other CP visors, they are made of high-quality, shock- and scratch-resistant polycarbonate.

Visor shapes

An important feature of a good visor is its fit: a well-fitting visor prevents the infiltration of even the finest snow and drafts. To achieve this, CP offers their customers three different visor shapes and - for an additional "Fine Tuning" - two different foam pads for each type of visor, which are designed to provide optimal sealing for all face features. The three plastic clips at the lower edge of the visor ensure a firm hold of the foam pad and at the same time enable an easy replacement thereof. This was specially developed to maintain a perfect seal between visor and face, hence to prevent annoying drafts or snow from entering the visor. The rubber lip on the upper visor edge has the same function, that is to avoid the penetration of snow and water from above.


Patented visor fastener

The superb visor fastening clamp made of high-quality, cast polyamide and the precise gear-shaped ring are the result of intensive field testing and knowledgeable engineering. For this reason, CP has patented its own original design.