Daniel Mahrer

CP – Skiing Legend’s Favorite Helmet

Daniel Mahrer – his name triggers memories of the golden period in Swiss downhill skiing: winner of eight world championship races between 1980 and 1996, his name is mentioned in one breath with fellow giants such as Pirmin Zurbriggen, Franz Heinzer, Karl Alpiger or Peter Müller. Among the most glorious successes of the humble Grison-native are his victories at the Kitzhühel Hahnenkamm run in 1998 and the bronze medal at the 1991 World Cup in Saalbach.

And he has continued playing at the top of his game following his pro-sport carrier: his company Mahrer Event & Sport AG organizes and manages alpine ski- and bike events. Wherever there’s speed involved, safety must come first. This is why Daniel Mahrer always wears his favorite helmet, a CP Camurai Carbon.

Mahrer, longstanding friend of CP founder Claudius Pfister, became CP Brand Ambassador in 2005. His practical experience on ski runs directly enters the development of new helmets.

“As staunch helmet wearer, I know what counts when it comes to skiing helmet visors: I’m a fan of the safety factors, the comfort and the generous field of vision of CP skiing helmets. Product development here takes into account every possible factor, making CP helmets also ideal for wearers of glasses – you will have a thoroughly satisfying experience.”

One element adding to this enjoyment consists in the CP CUMA’s revolutionary ventilation system, ensuring a pleasant climate inside the helmet at all times while avoiding the visor from steaming up. The adjustable active ventilation in combination with the breathable CP-TEX membrane protect against wind, moisture and cold weather while absorbing humidity inside the helmet. The simple removable ear pads with outstanding acoustical characteristics provide excellent protection for your ears.

The sum of the elements In All in One skiing helmets by CP makes them the very best choice for skiers of all ages – recommended by a world-class professional…

The offers by Daniel Mahrer: www.danielmahrer.ch

Daniel Mahrer
Daniel Mahrer